Service and Support

Full engineering support.

Manuals for current and superseded models for Eurotherm, Chessell , SSD and Parker.

Repair from our Auckland Workshop by factory trained engineers.

Cable and Wiremaking

AC Variable Speed Drives.

DC Variable Speed Drives.

Servo Drive Systems.

Payoff and Rewinds.

Capstan Drives

Electronic Variable  Ratio Gear-boxing.

Torque Motor and Drives. (Direct drive without gearbox,s)

Extrusion Control Systems

Power Control including continuous annealing.





Converting Printing and Packaging

AC Variable Speed Drives

DC Variable Speed Drives

Servo Positioning Systems



Center Winders

Surface, Winders

Torque  Winders

Auto Splicing Winders.

Heat Treatment

Temperature Measurement and Control

Furnace Temperature and Pressure Control

Data Acquisition

Logging and Reporting

Uniformity Calibration and reports.

Power Control


Extrusion Automation

Temperature Control

Melt Pressure Control

Melt Temperature Control

Extruder AC and DC Drives

Haul Offs, Guage Control

Tension Control, Dancer and Loadcell

Re-winder, Center, Surface,Splicing and Turret.

Touch screen interfaces.

Our Brands

About us

Originally formed as Eurotherm New Zealand has evolved to become  Drives and Controls NZ Ltd. DCNZ are distributors of some of the world’s leading Process and Motion Control manufacturers and provide solutions for measurement, process control , SCADA , automation as well as AC and DC  Variable speed drives and Servo and motion control systems.  Our clients are within the Packaging, Manufacturing, Extrusion, Dairy, Food and beverage, Power Utility’s, as well as other process and manufacturing industries. DCNZ is owned and operated by management with strong ethical values, and a focus on excellent service to all customers..